Salton Sea

During a recent photographic assignment in Los Angeles, Alex took some time to travel to an area of Southern California known as The Salton Sea to undertake this personal body of work. It's an amazing place that has been largely abandoned and forgotten but started life very differently and as a result was once a very glamorous holiday resort frequented by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and the like. The Salton Sea was formed when the Colorado River burst its banks and water flowed directly into The Salton Valley below the result was unexpected and as the valley filled it became California's largest body of water. By the 1960's The Salton Sea was developing into a high end holiday destination but well into its development disaster struck. As the Sea was landlocked the water slowly began to die and with it the area's appeal stopped. The Marinas and Motels were quickly abandoned and became derelict as you can see in this body of work. It's an amazing place with an all too colourful, but brief, history. Awards Association of Photographers Awards - Project

Salton Sea Marina
The Remains of Buildings, Bombay Beach
The American Legion, Bombay Beach 
Structural Remains, Bombay Beach
Robert, Bombay Beach
Telegraph Poles, Bombay Beach
Bombay Beach
Main Street, Bombay Beach
Felix Auto Repair, North Shore
Rotting Chair, Salton Sea Beach
Louis Knight, Bombay Beach
Bob & His Ride, Bombay Beach
Decaying Trailer, Salton Sea Beach
Abandoned Trailer, Salton Sea Beach
Sunken Trailer Carcass, Bombay Beach
Trailer Remains, Bombay Beach
Bob at Sunset, Bombay Beach
Kite flying, Bombay Beach
Robert on Main Street, Bombay Beach
Faded Signage, North Shore
Diner, North Shore
Abandoned Truck, Bombay Beach
Abandoned Trailer & Crow, Salton Sea Beach
Remains of Buildings, Bombay Beach
Number 27, Bombay Beach
Bob Returning Home, Bombay Beach
Lone Fisherman, Bombay Beach
Street Light & Sneakers, Bombay Beach
Seaside Baptist Church, Bombay Beach
The Ski Inn, Bombay Beach